How And Why Is Creating A Press Kit So Important?

custom press kits-press kit-unique presentation packages

Gift Box, Portfolio or Press Kit with optional handle and velcro closure.

Custom press kits and portfolios are perfect unique presentation packages that will help keep you top-of-mind for your potential customers, allowing you to continue your conversation long after your meeting is finished. click here to continue reading more about creating a memorable eye-catching and unique presentation packages to reinforce your brand.

Your Phone Deserves A Stand As Portable As It Is

promotional item-smartphone stand- sticky stands-smartphone-smartphone

Full Color Sticky Cell phone Stand with Custom Card as low as $1.28.

Travel season is upon us! As you head to the beach or lounge poolside, don’t forget to give your device a nice place to relax as well. We’ve rounded up the coolest custom promotional smartphone strand to make sure you’re potential leads with love this coveted accessory that is a must have for summer relaxation. Click here to continue reading more about this awesome promotional item.

Personalized M&M’s For Business Gifts, Promotions & Events

personalized M&M’s-MY M&M’S-candy personalizationWho would have thought that you could market your brand on the face of a tiny candy? MY M&M’S allows your company to market your brand with M&M candy personalization. Click here to continue reading about candy personalization with MY M&M’S.

Promote Your Business With These Stylish White Alligator Apparel Gift Boxes

custom printed logo apparel boxes

Custom Printed White Alligator Apparel Boxes – As low as $.85 each

Sometimes, the way a gift is presented matters just as much as the gift itself. Every year companies and manufacturers spend millions of dollars on packaging alone. Here is your chance to use quality gift boxes to promote your business. These custom-printed white alligator apparel boxes are presentable and they exude quality. Your logo cannot be presented and promoted in a more unique manner.

It is a myth that all packaging items are automatically thrown away when the products inside are unpacked. These customized apparel boxes are guaranteed to be admired and even kept by the recipients of your gift. Their quality construction is hard to miss. More importantly, once your imprinted logo is seen and recognized, it will not be forgotten, and the fact that the box was customized will not be lost on the recipient.

Branding quality packaging with your logo sets you apart from your competition. Even if these apparel boxes hold non-branded gifts inside of them, they alone will make an impression on the recipient, and your business will earn their respect in the long run. This is especially true due to the fact that these white alligator apparel boxes are made to last and can easily be reused. Made with a combination of clay-coated newsback as the interior and a heavy white gloss board as the exterior, these boxes aren’t designed to be ripped up and thrown away instantly. They are pop-up boxes; they can be flattened neatly and easily and reassembled within seconds for further use.

Click here to purchase your customized White Alligator apparel boxes in bulk today. You can gift luxury clothing retail items and use them to further enhance your business’s visibility within your industry and among potential customers. Store these boxes conveniently in a compact manner and use them to promote your business when the occasion strikes.

Mailing tubes with custom sound deliver your message with instant impact


direct mail mailer deliver message in unique packaging

12″ Mailing Tube With Custom 10 Second Sound Chip & Custom Cover (click image for more info).

Is there a message you need to get across to your clients or prospects?  Improve your chances of getting your message heard with this cool mailing tube.  When the tube is opened, you instantly hear a custom 10 second sound message.  The cover can also be completely customized with your graphics in full color.  Perfect for invitations, announcements, direct mail pieces and more!  Click here for additional product and ordering information.

FedEx or UPS style envelope + your custom branding and message = Brandelope

Custom branded FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS envelope aka brandelope

Custom Brandelope

Top reasons to use Brandelopes:  1) Your message and company will stand out from all other mail received including expedited, priority and overnight mailings. 2) You can market your Brand & Services even before the envelope is opened. 3) Your marketing message and brand will be viewed numerous times. 4) They build your brand instead of FedEx, UPS, DHL and the USPS (United States Postal Office)!  Click here for more information.

Want incredible ROI from your direct mail piece? Send it in a miniature mailbox.

Unique mini tin mailbox.  Insert promotional materials and use for direct mail.

One of the challenges with sending B2B direct mail pieces is actually getting the recipient to pick it up and read it.  Why not up the ante with this fun, custom-branded mailbox for a chance to really capture their attention.  You’ll have their interest piqued when they receive your package and will get their undivided attention when they look the contents inside.  There are plenty of creative taglines that can be used to tie in your marketing message with this piece.  And as an added bonus,  it’s also a fun desktop item that will keep giving brand impressions day after day.  Perfect for targeted mailers of around 75 – 1,000.  Additional options include:  mailing cartons, candy and insertion of your mail piece – including folding if needed.  Click here to learn more.   Need more creative ideas for your direct mail campaign?  Give one of our brand marketing specialists a call today at 877-804-7906.

Your logo on brand name T shirts compressed into themed shapes

Custom shaped compressed T-shirts with full color logo artwork

Thousands of stock shapes or create your own. As low as $4.51

Take your logo or artwork, print it on a T shirt and compress it into a unique shape for a wearable that is all wrapped up in a compact little package.  It’s topped with a  full color insert card for additional customization possibilities.  Great for trade shows, food, beverage, sports, schools, movies & music releases.  Uses include:  gift with purchase, invites, tradeshow giveaway, POP display, vending machines & more.  Click here to view more shapes and additional info.