Custom Printed Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter With Branded Recipe Card

custom christmas tree cookie cutter

Custom printed Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter with Recipe card as low as $1.17 each. Click image for info.

In a rush for last minute branded holiday giveaway ideas?  No worries!  These custom printed Christmas tree cookie cutters can be produced in as few as 2 working days.  Each cookie cutter also includes a branded recipe card.

Add some sweetness to your meeting or event with custom labelled brownies

event tradeshow logo sweets edibles

Chocolate Butterscotch Coconut Brownie with custom label – as low as $1.89 each. Click image for info.

logo event sweets edibles

Custom label Double Chocolate Brownie – as low as $1.89 each. Click image for info.

promotional logo event meeting edibles sweets

Individually wrapped Chocolate Pecan Brownie – as low as $1.89. Click image for info.

It’s always a good idea to have snacks and treats for attendees at conference, trade show, meeting or event.  These individually wrapped brownies are incredibly delicious and can be be custom branded using a label which is applied to the packaging.  Branded brownies are also great to use when making sales calls.  Who doesn’t love a moist yummy brownie.

Brownies do have a shelf life which is something to consider.  They should be enjoyed within 2 weeks of delivery.  You can also extend the shelf life by placing them in the freezer for up to 3 months.

It’s always a good practice to request a sample of any type of edible in advance of placing an order so that you know exactly what you will be receiving.  Click here to view a range of tasty brownie options.

Add some POP to your promotions with custom branded microwavable popcorn

custom popcorn bags

Personalized Popcorn with your logo – as low as $1.38 each. Click image for info.

Looking for a yummy way to promote your company brand?  How about some custom branded popcorn.  Now you can add your own logo to a bag of microwavable popcorn. A nice large imprint area of 9-1/8″ x 5″ allows your branding to really stand out.  The pricing includes a one or two color imprint.  However, additional colors can be printed if needed.

Customized popcorn is a great idea for employee gifts, open houses, trade shows, fund raising, custom “thank you” gifts or movie-themed promotions.  It’s also an tasty idea for a direct mail marketing campaign to promote your company.  The best way to tie it all together would be to create a printed piece to go with the popcorn.  For example, if promoting a packaging company, the headline could read something like “Create packaging that really pops.”

Click here to view additional promotional popcorn products.

Keep your brand fresh with your full color logo printed on mints

full color custom logo on peppermints

Full color process printed sugar free mints in small tin – as low as $2.35 each. (Click image for product info)

New! Now you can print your full color logo directly onto mints.  These mints are printed using 100% edible ink!  The tin is also printed in 4 color process.  Your brand will leave a fresh impression each time the tin is opened and one of these minty morsels is placed in the mouth.  These make a perfect giveaway at events, trade shows, etc.  Click here for additional product info.

Are you ready to spice up your sales & marketing?

promotional branded logo spice seasoning

Cajun Seasoning with custom branded full-color label – as low as $4.17 each. Click image for info.

I know – you’re probably thinking ‘Really? When would branded spice make sense to use for promoting my brand?’  That’s where the creativity and fun of marketing with promotional products comes in!  How about sending a direct mail piece to key prospects or clients, with a header that says “Are you ready to spice up your sales?” or “Add some kick your inbound lead generation!”.  Just play around with the wording so that it makes sense for your company’s offerings.  After the mailer has been sent, have your sales people follow up to see if they received the spice package.  This makes a sales person’s job so much easier when following up on a promotion like this.  The conversation is much warmer and lighthearted which in turn leads to better relationships… thus leading to increase sales.  Click here to view options for custom label spices and rubs.