Reusable glass wine bottles – a European trend sprouting up in the USA

wine bottle shaped custom glass water bottle logo winery reusable

33 oz. glass wine / water bottle with custom imprint – as low as $11.48 (click image for info)

promotional glass wine bottle or water bottle

27 oz large glass wine or water bottle – as low as $9.30 each (click image for info)

  A few wineries and retail wine shops in the USA have seen impressive growth by adding reusable wine bottle programs as practiced in Europe. One of the big draws for consumers is the price incentive.  Usually it works like this, if you buy a bottle of wine at regular price (in a reusable glass bottle of course), you can then bring the bottle back for a refill at discounted price.  Now that’s smart!  Posted above are a couple of glass bottles that are excellent choices for just for this purpose.  Both can be custom imprinted with a logo and are dishwasher safe.  Click the product images above for additional information.

PROSSER — KEPR Action News discovered local wineries are finding new ways to go green, and it could mean more wine coming your way (watch video below)

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